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My Story

Hi, I am Kim. Thanks for your interest in my creation. The wedding dresses you are seeing here are designed and made in-house at K Gown. My principle of design focus on functionality and harmony. I love FLORAL LACE and gently GLIMMERING FABRIC. I actively updated the newest in the market and bring it into my collection. For each design, I explore different ways to blend these lovely elements to make each gown unique. I am also fully aware that the majority of us are not born to be models with well-balanced hourglassed figures. My design aims to correct this where it will actuate your plus point while easing in the unperfect.   


K Gown was established in 2014 as a private label brand when I was searching for my own wedding gown. That was the first time I attempt to design it just for myself by putting together what I love most. My curious mind wondered about the process to join so many fabrics and elements together to create a masterpiece. And the next thing I know is I am now sewing a complete wedding dress with a well-structured bodice with boning and corset accompanied by an average of 5 layers of fabric, each around 4-5 meters long (or daily-wear dress consumes around 2-3 meters of fabric). 


It takes a lot of time, skill, and effort to create a proper wedding dress. It is true that the time spent to make a dress is much longer than most wedding ceremonies (average is 4-8hrs). For me, the next time I might consider wearing my wedding dress will be on my wedding anniversary (provided that my size still permits). With that in mind, I believe a wedding dress is the best candidate for the 3R framework: Reduce – Reuse – Recycle.  


The majority of my gowns are produced upon request. You can try my sample piece to feel the fit and quality as well as my design accent. For a tailor-to-rent gown, the lifetime is extended for the next bride who does not have the luxury of time and she needs an off-the-rack piece for her coming-soon wedding. At the end of shelf-life, the fabric will then be taken apart for braining storming process to reduce fabric consumption and my clients love new gowns 😊


I believe the best wedding dress is the one that speaks your characters, fits your size, and matches your venue. I am always open-minded to listening to your request and offering you the best solutions that I can. If you are interested in any of my services below, don’t hesitate to WhatsApp me at +65 8113 9501. I might be engaged at the time but will reply to you as soon as I can.

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